Newness Lately

My latest purchases. After every winter in which I think that greyscale is the end-all-be-all of my fashion existence, spring comes and I get super excited about colors. whoa. So I got some new crisp white kicks that will go perfect with basically everything, and some sandals, because I donated all mine last fall thinking I would never need them again. I also have succumbed finally to the neon trend, opting for a bandeau that gives just a hint of highlighter under muscle tees. In the center is a floral blazer by Lush, a necessity that will be perfect for nice dinners, Easter brunch, a meeting, etc. Lastly, a crazily marked down Trouve kimono thingy that I know I will be wearing constantly this summer.

My boyfriend was kind enough to give me a bunch of his awesome T-shirts that were too small for him. So like 3 months later now I'm finally doing something with them. I have like 5 more that I don't know what to do with (ideas anyone?). On the left I made one into a crop top tank, the other a classic muscle tee. I have been known to take scissors to all my clothing (sometimes with disastrous results) so I was happy that this time these shirts are wearable!

Peace out beezies

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