How to Not Pack the Kitchen Sink

Out on the open road... so wonderful, isn't it? Until you start packing. I used to hate packing for small weekend trips. Why? because I would always overpack! What I share with you now, I learned from my sister, a girl who has been around the world, and taught me what she knows about looking cute without trying to hard, while on the road. 
I'll never forget packing for a month in Europe and asking my well-traveled sister to approve of what I thought was a light load, only for her to tell me "Looks good, now cut that wardrobe in half." Ah! but I need options! 
Basically, she explained that the mantra is, pack things that can mix and match, whatever that means to you. And also, try to know what you will be doing, or at least the kinds of things you will be doing. And don't pack too many options. I promise you won't notice the difference. Also, pack your cute clothes, dammit! I have also made the mistake of packing too many "comfortable" clothes that I really just wasn't psyched about wearing. Great way to feel super self-conscious in a strange land.
Anywhoo, this weekend trip was a drive to Phoenix to visit my friends from college. The weather was kinda hot but not awful. So this is the wardrobe I packed:

4 tops

1 dress, pair of riding pants, jean cut off shorts, neon bandeau

floral blazer, nude kimono

this jewelry

these 3 pairs of shoes

So 13 pieces, not counting the jewelry. 

And that's it! Throw in a swimsuit, PJs and underwear, and you are set to go!
This is how this travel wardrobe worked for me:

Friday: the Drive and the mini-house party.

Saturday: Casual Brunch.

Saturday Night: Out on the Town

Sunday: Spring Training Baseball Game

Sunday Night: Dinner

Monday: The Drive Home

And it all fit in this Zella duffel.

And because I planned beforehand, I spent zero time agonizing over my outfits, and all my time enjoying my friends that I so rarely get to see!

peace out


t a r e n e said...

I was wondering where you got those metallic oxfords! love themmm

Jaclyn Najjar said...

The shoes are from Nordstrom Rack. The brand is Abound. I know there weren't too many left last time I checked there. Also I have seen similar ones by Jeffrey Campbell and Steve Madden, as well as on Ebay.