Evening at the Ballpark

Baseball season has arrived! My man is a huge fan so of course, I embrace America's pastime too. Given, I'm more about the whole beer and a hot dog part of it, but I'm learning! We saw my SD Padres play the Dodgers, and I was super excited to get some pride gear! That hat I only tried on, since I'm slightly broke and need to save up for it, but wouldn't it go with so many things this summer? I just love the Padres Friar, such a great mascot haha. I did however, manage to get my hands on one of those mini novelty helmets (by getting some dippin dots), as well as an $8 t-shirt that I cropped as soon as I got home. It's so perfect to wear on game day. I'm definitely not trying to get skinnier since I ate/drank the following:
Hot Dog
Dippin Dots
Tall can of Blue Moon
yum. Trying to get skinny is overrated.

Outfit Details:
I kept it simple since I was not prepared with any SD gear (oops).
Grey Crop T-shirt - Nike via Nordstrom Rack
Chambray Button Down - Wrangler via the thrift store
Riding Pant - American Apparel
Bag - Forever 21
JC dupes sneakers - Rock & Candy Via Nordstrom Rack
Necklace - thrifted

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