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Having fun just being silly with my sister

Gettin' my tourist on. Highly recommend this tour for perfect level of cheesy-ness.

Out on the town with my sis and her roomie!

Airports make me crave the weirdest things! I'm forgot this existed until I saw it in the terminal.

I went to visit my sister in Chicago for a weekend recently. We had a grand ole' time just walking her city, shopping around, eating at amazing restaurants/drank at some fun bars (see bottom for my recommendations for Chicago exploration) and just having some good old fashioned sibling time. She also gave me my early birthday present which is these amazing sandals from Top Shop! Can't wait to style these for you guys!

Since I didn't end up taking any outfit photos (too busy having fun!) I am partially making up for it by recommending what I thought were my favorite Chicago things:

Shop: Belmont Army - obviously there are a ton of great places, but this one is definitely the kind of place you can get lost in! Five stories of fashion! Each story has a different shop, Vintage, Shoes, Army Surplus, Trendy. Whoa.

Dinner: Au Cheval - Fancy diner/bar. Order the burger. Get the draft root beer.

Breakfast: Glazed and Infused Donuts - the craft donut trend has really taken off in Chicago, this particular operation is all over the city.

Late Night Snackage: Big Star - Skip the line to get in for table service, and walk to the right of the restaurant, where they also have a walk up taco stand. Perfect for those long nights at the never-closing Chicago bars!

Craft CocktailsThe Violet Hour - Speakeasy style, you wait in a line outside a random sketchy-looking building until they have enough seats open for your party, but inside is super sexy. May I recommend one of the punch bowls if there are at least 3 in your group!

Specialty Coffee: Bow Truss - located around the corner from the Intelligentsia flagship, this coffee shop seems happy not having the same business as their giant neighbor. Pour over on Hario v60 as well as delicious espresso. Definitely the place for a serious coffee taster.

Touristy ThingUntouchable Tours - You get on a school bus and get a tour of the city, while a guy dressed up in 1920s garb tells you in full character about Chicago history, by way of its most famous gangsters.

Blues Bar: Kingston Mines - Definitely owe my sis on this one. I told her I wanted to see some blues, and she knew exactly where to go. Definitely seems like a place where locals like to go, a great mixed crowd, and just an all around good time! And students get in free!

peace out homeslices

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