How to Not Pack the Kitchen Sink

Out on the open road... so wonderful, isn't it? Until you start packing. I used to hate packing for small weekend trips. Why? because I would always overpack! What I share with you now, I learned from my sister, a girl who has been around the world, and taught me what she knows about looking cute without trying to hard, while on the road. 
I'll never forget packing for a month in Europe and asking my well-traveled sister to approve of what I thought was a light load, only for her to tell me "Looks good, now cut that wardrobe in half." Ah! but I need options! 
Basically, she explained that the mantra is, pack things that can mix and match, whatever that means to you. And also, try to know what you will be doing, or at least the kinds of things you will be doing. And don't pack too many options. I promise you won't notice the difference. Also, pack your cute clothes, dammit! I have also made the mistake of packing too many "comfortable" clothes that I really just wasn't psyched about wearing. Great way to feel super self-conscious in a strange land.
Anywhoo, this weekend trip was a drive to Phoenix to visit my friends from college. The weather was kinda hot but not awful. So this is the wardrobe I packed:

4 tops

1 dress, pair of riding pants, jean cut off shorts, neon bandeau

floral blazer, nude kimono

this jewelry

these 3 pairs of shoes

So 13 pieces, not counting the jewelry. 

And that's it! Throw in a swimsuit, PJs and underwear, and you are set to go!
This is how this travel wardrobe worked for me:

Friday: the Drive and the mini-house party.

Saturday: Casual Brunch.

Saturday Night: Out on the Town

Sunday: Spring Training Baseball Game

Sunday Night: Dinner

Monday: The Drive Home

And it all fit in this Zella duffel.

And because I planned beforehand, I spent zero time agonizing over my outfits, and all my time enjoying my friends that I so rarely get to see!

peace out


Newness Lately

My latest purchases. After every winter in which I think that greyscale is the end-all-be-all of my fashion existence, spring comes and I get super excited about colors. whoa. So I got some new crisp white kicks that will go perfect with basically everything, and some sandals, because I donated all mine last fall thinking I would never need them again. I also have succumbed finally to the neon trend, opting for a bandeau that gives just a hint of highlighter under muscle tees. In the center is a floral blazer by Lush, a necessity that will be perfect for nice dinners, Easter brunch, a meeting, etc. Lastly, a crazily marked down Trouve kimono thingy that I know I will be wearing constantly this summer.

My boyfriend was kind enough to give me a bunch of his awesome T-shirts that were too small for him. So like 3 months later now I'm finally doing something with them. I have like 5 more that I don't know what to do with (ideas anyone?). On the left I made one into a crop top tank, the other a classic muscle tee. I have been known to take scissors to all my clothing (sometimes with disastrous results) so I was happy that this time these shirts are wearable!

Peace out beezies


Weekend Fun

This weekend my guy and I decided to have some fun. After an early lunch at Mitch's Seafood, we headed to El Camino for some cockails mexicano. Little did we know Sundays were cray cray there; cool kids and douchebags all in harmony sipping and bobbing their heads to a DJ spinning 80's hits out on the patio. I wore an outfit bearing slightly more skin since the sun has been out lately. Transitioning into spring/summer fashion has been easier than I thought it would be! Later on in the evening we found ourselves at the El Dorado, which was a slow night, perfect for some actual conversation with the excellent bartender. We're excited to head get back to the El D for their spring menu release partay! March 19th- be there or be square geeks!

Sunday Funday Outfit:
Dress- Forever 21
Sweater - Thrifted
Shoes - Abound (Nordstrom Rack)
Hat - via my boyfriend's closet
Sunglasses - Quay eyewear

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New Purchases

I've got one of each, something floral, something metallic, something pistachio, and something silky and loose. I've been shopping (aahh bank account problems now!) but it was mostly on a budget. Firstly, the pants and crop top are from Frock You Vintage Boutique here in San Diego. A great little shop that I will have to write up a post about soon. The pants are amazing and remind me of the ones I saw Veda Pierce (Evan Rachel Wood) wear in the Mildred Pierce mini-series (cannot find a photo for the life of me but just watch the series it's amazing). I have no idea how I'm going to style them but I just could not pass them up! The crop is going to be perfect for summer and a great addition to my collection of boring black, white, and grey crop tops. The shoes and the dress are from Nordstrom Rack, and i have already begun wearing the shoes to death! I am planning on wearing the pistachio-colored dress to the Nick Cave concert, with Unif Hellbounds and a deep burgundy lip. Everything here was a steal, cause I'm into that. Nothing over $49 except for the pants, with were $68 (with I feel is so reasonable for amazing condition satin from the '30s!)



After the rain

At times San Diego can feel like this huge and boring city, but really there are all kinds of amazing places to see, and my guy and I have made a commitment to get out and do it all! So this night we got out and headed to Izakaya Maza for some drinks and some japanese comfort food. It's a casual establishment (Izakaya=japanese pub) so I opted for simple staples in my wardrobe with a fun lip to take the boring out of it.
T-shirt - Splendid
Riding pant - American Apparel
Boots - Doc Martens
Jacket - H&M


Things I Am So Into Right Now

Patterned trousers with sky high platforms.. This is how you do summer

amazing views and puppies

New Balance... refreshing turn from the usual Nike Free's

amazing coffee via a subscription to 49th parallel

staying true to my favorite color, Camel, even when it's like two years out of trend

not getting anything done until finding the perfect atmosphere

The perfect slouchy pant... that's like actually flattering

Trippy gifs by mr. div

everything about this space

See ya!