FOOD: Salt & Cleaver

Great newish eatery in Hillcrest that fills a certain niche in the San Diego culinary scene. Sausage. Delicious, juicy, flavorful sausage. It makes perfect sense why there haven't really been many brat places in the past, considering our city's love of all things 'healthy.' Nevertheless, I'm sure this place will find a happy home as a refreshing alternative to the mighty burger. Salt & Cleaver is very German, down to the decor, which is sleek, geometric, and very clean. We really don't even need to mention a very satisfying beer selection (you can't be a half-decent SD restaurant without it!) A great choice for a casual bite before seeing a film at the Landmark. We will definitely be visiting this place a lot more when the weather cools down.


MUST WATCH/LISTEN: Ruby the Rabbitfoot - Coffee & Honey

The only way to survive this heat is to aim any and all fans at your face, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, and watch and listen to this video.

Coffee & Honey : Ruby the Rabbitfoot from ruby rabbitfoot on Vimeo.

This video does a remarkably impressive job of depicting exactly how my body and mind feel in this oppressive heat.  I'll have this on repeat until Autumn, and perhaps well beyond...

Check out her first album here:


FASHION: Summer Evening

I have to emphasize this. Boyfriend jeans are. so. comfortable. I remember when skinny jeans came back from decades long dormancy in 2006. Man I jumped on the bandwagon so fast, I blew through three pairs of black painted on J Brand's in less than 2 years. And, as much as I still consider high-waisted, black skinnies an essential part of my wardrobe, 7 years later, I'm happy to see a different silhouette crawling it's way out of a sea of cigarette styles, especially because they are just so cozy.
jeans: Current/Elliott
Top: Leith
Jacket: Rubbish
Necklace: Thrifted
Shoes: Target  

I had to buy my own because he wouldn't let me borrow these ones. Probably because he looks so goooooood in em.


FASHION: The Boyfriend Jean

The boyfriend jean. Since my actual boyfriend's jeans are too big for me (would have been so much more authentic if they fit), and since I just had to snag a pair for my closet, I am now a proud owner of the baggy and distressed. This particular pair are Current/Elliott. I can't wait to wear them with sweaters come fall, but I went for a full on summer tomboy look to debut them. Shoes by MaxStar. Sunglasses by Quay. Shirt is thrifted. Hat by New Era. Backpack thrifted. 


FILM: "Laurence Anyways" at the Digital Gym Cinema in North Park

Jaclyn and I went to see "Laurence Anyways" at the new Digital Gym Cinema in North Park (more on that later), yesterday.

                                          Image via Film School Rejects

I could spout off a litany of superlatives in praise of Xavier Dolan’s stunning (see, there’s one!), “Laurence Anyways”, but that would prove to be ultimately hollow and reductive.

                                          Image via Trespass Magazine

I suppose if I were coerced by mysterious external stimuli to distill the essence of the film into a series of “buzzwords”, they would be: compelling, poignant, stylish, and epic.  And I suppose if I were placed in front of a roulette wheel populated by film criticism clich├ęs, I would spin the wheel, cross my fingers and hope it landed on "sumptuous feast." 

                                Image via "Laurence Anyways" official site

However, as I intimated before, there’s not much that can be said about the third feature from the budding French-Canadian auteur -- other than what’s been said here and here -- for it really must be experienced.

"Laurence Anyways" ascended nearly all the way to the top of the list of my favorite films of the year (which can be found here).  It's a thoroughly engrossing and affecting picture and a genuinely good time (Hooray for film criticism cliches!).  For a list of playdates and more information, go here:

In the meantime, take a moment out of your day, and soak these in:

Fear not, though these clips may indicate otherwise, M. Dolan does not sacrifice substance for style.  The most profoundly moving sequences are those in which M. Dolan exhibits restraint and allows the action to play out quietly and intimately.

For more of the fantastic soundtrack, check out this Spotify playlist featuring most of the film's music:

Also, go out and support your local art cinema, boys and girls!  If you live in San Diego, check out the Digital Gym Cinema on 30th St. and El Cajon Blvd, across from the inimitable Rudford's Restaurant and adjacent to the San Diego Coffee and Tea Collective.  

                               Image via

It's a super cool place with unique concessions (Dublin Dr. Pepper, FTW) and neat merch (DVD Collection of Spike Jonze music videos, F Yeah!).  

                                Image via

The theater is comfortable and the presentation is nice.

                                          Image via Film Geeks Facebook page

It's a small theater so there's no 35mm or DCP projector, but the sound and image quality in the theater more than likely dwarfs the quality of your home theater, unless this is what your home theater is like:

                                          Image via Digital Trends

In summation, since "Laurence Anyways" just ended its San Diego theatrical run, be sure to look for it on DVD and Blu ray in the near future, and in the meantime, check out the Digital Gym Cinema's film calendar for a list of films playing now and throughout the rest of July.


FOOD: Hubcap is closing!!!

Trying out a new post category. FOOD! yum. But sadly my first post is about a restaurant that's going to be all gone by the end of July. Ugh. The former site of El Take It Easy reopened as Hubcap, a less snooty burger joint. It has quickly become Ivy Street's favorite burger joint in the city! Simply a perfect burger at a great price with ice cold beer on tap.

Bubbly Saint Archer Blonde.

Homemade pickles, shredded lettuce, caramelized onions.

SO juicy.

Even with a great burger and a nice space, I guess one can never quite understand why some restaurants just don't take off like others. Hubcap's mother restaurant, the Linkery is also closing, which must have something to do with this closure as well.

Get to Hubcap before July 30th and let us know what you think! Great burger? 

FASHION: Oversized

Randomly purchased this oversized baseball tee by Leith, quickly becoming my favorite new Nordstrom brand. 
Trying to stay cool in a place where the grass just dies without sprinklers. 
Happy summer people!