what to wear on gameday

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of summer. I really dislike heat (sweaty), sun (headache inducing), I despise shorts (why are they always riding up my crotch?). Possibly the only thing I like about summer are yummy cold drinks (7eleven on the regs) and a few summer dresses in my closet.
But, it turns out, I have found a new reason to love summer. Baseball season. Maybe it's because I grew up in a house of 95% women all day erryday (poor dad), or maybe it's that my dad preferred basketball, or possibly that my home team the Padres have only made it to the world series once, and haven't really had any other memorable moments haha, but I never really got around to getting to too many baseball games. Thankfully I got a guy who loves it a whole lot and now I do too (even if I don't understand all of it 100% of the time).

sneakers are just necessary for the sporty look

my man scores the game (I barely understand)

our only memorable team in padres history. epic logo right?

tony gwynn's autograph yall!

basically the only thing i would say that one should wear to a baseball game is just keep it casual and comfortable. I hate when I see girls super dressed up at the stadium... you look stupid. Be a fan, not a fashionista. You are about to sit in dirty seats, eat messy food and spill beer on yourself. Dress for it! If you don't have any team fan gear, then just wear the color. the 90's look really works at baseball games.

if you gotta know:
grey shirt - forever 21
flannel - my bf's
jeans - american apparel easy jean
shoes - maxstar
watch - target
rings - elizabeth & james and vintage
bracelets - found stringy thing and tiffany boxlink

go to a baseball game and have a beer for me and my man

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